A company is only as strong as its employees.

Whether you are interested in one of the vacancies or want to send us an open application, below you will find a few basic tenets of the “Continuum Work Ethic” that will give you a better idea of what you can expect from a career with our company and offer information that will help you evaluate the perspective of your cooperation with Continuum.

What do we offer?

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Work, work and more work

One thing you will never lack is lots of work. Tight deadlines, stubborn bugs, last-minute changes, technological advances… these are all pressures you’ll have to deal with on a daily basis. But challenging assignments provide the best opportunities to prove yourself and stand out – it’s up to you to make good use of them.

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Monitoring work results and result-based rewarding

Dedicated and efficient work requires and deserves an appropriate reward system. Our goal is to emphasize, develop and, of course, constantly apply criteria that will encourage our employees to high-quality and professional work.

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Presence in the industry and technologies of the future

Information technology rules today, and its unstoppable development could completely reshape the times yet to come. Your greatest capital for such a future – ability, initiative, and motivation – will best accumulate and develop in an environment where these traits are not only desired, but necessary.

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Constant and unlimited professional development

Improving the knowledge and skills of our employees is in the obvious interest of both parties, therefore we strongly support it and, moreover, expect it. Develop your knowledge and skills, and your value and status within the company will increase. The limits of this process are defined only by the limits of your ambitions and motives.

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Pleasant working atmosphere

Continuum consists of young people with very diverse education, personal interests, preferences and character. We encourage an atmosphere in which work duties always come first, but the absence of formalism, openness and a positive approach reduce stress and strengthen team spirit. A sense of humor is a great asset regardless of the workplace.

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Open communication for open questions

There are no taboos in Continuum. You will be able to talk about everything that interests or worries you with the relevant person, as well as get all the information important for your work. Whether it is about the scope of work, salary, flexible working hours, private obligations or specific life situations, we believe that we can always find a satisfactory solution together.

What do we expect?

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High professional standards

In one way or another, most of the work we do requires engagement outside of the classic “doing the job” framework. We expect our employees to be aware of this and to set standards appropriate to such circumstances.

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Team spirit and quality cooperation with colleagues

When we say that a company is only as strong as its employees, it refers far more to the employees as a whole than to any individual. Your individual qualities will be a welcome and appreciated added value, but only if you can fit well into the concept of teamwork.

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Independence and initiative

This is by no means against team spirit; we believe that gifted, independent and responsible individuals form an extremely adaptable and powerful team with appropriate communication channels in place.

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Ambition and motivation

We will do our best to encourage these traits and empower you to satisfy them. This, however, assumes that you see the job you are applying for as a professional opportunity and not just the next “station” in your career.

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Willingness to learn and improve

Information technology knows no rest. Although we highly respect and value all your previous education and experience, in a few months it will already be “old”, and a few years from now it might even be “obsolete”.

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Active knowledge of the English language

The nature of Continuum’s activities imposes the need for excellent understanding and, in many situations, fluency in English. The only exception to this requirement may be auxiliary positions.

Open positions